Frame Assembly, Wheel Mounts, and Carriages!

Hello! Lots of progress lately. Here goes:

I welded up one side of the base of the table.


Laying out a side of the table base to be welded.




Spacers clamped into place to counteract warping. When I do the other side, I’ll do this BEFORE I weld.

After I welded this, I noticed both ends were bowed inward. I put the vertical members for the other side in the ends as spacers during cooling. I think I’m going to have to jam them in when it’s time to tack together the sides and ends to ensure squareness.




Would like to know why my fillets get gouged out like this from time to time.

Also made some wheel mounts out of some salvaged heavy duty U channel. No pics of this, but when I cut this U channel with the chop saw, I did it in two cuts. The first was through the two uprights. Then I turned it 90 degrees and cut through the bottom. The saw cuts much easier this way.


Cool old Bridgeport mill in the hangar serves as drill press for my wheel mount plates.

Drilled through the wheels’ mounting holes and attached one bolt at a time to ensure proper hole alignment to my mounting plates. The plan is to clean these up with the angle grinder and a wire cup brush and weld them to the bottom of the table’s legs.


Salvaged some heavy duty U channel for my wheel mounting plates.

Got a few shipments of hardware for the ShopDroids mounting brackets. I was really pleased by McMaster-Carr’s service as well as that of VXB Bearings and Modern Linear. All of the items from McMaster-Carr came in numbered bags that corresponded with the packing list, making it really easy to match up with the bill of materials supplied by Shopdroids.

Assembly of the brackets was fairly intuitive after consulting photos on Shopdroids’ Facebook page. One discrepancy I noticed was the omission on the supplied bill of materials of a washer that seems to go between the red tensioning spring and the motor mount.


Misc. Hardware has arrived!



Assembly order of bearing hardware.



The eccentric bushing installed in the V-bearing.



The Z axis gets mounted to this carriage. There should be a washer between the left spring and the motor mount. Also, I don’t have the anti-backlash spring installed yet on the left side.



X Axis carriage and motor mount.



Note the eccentric bushing on the bottom has flat edges so you can turn it with a wrench to tighten the carriage onto the V-rail.


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