After I welded the first wheel bracket onto the one of the legs, I realized I had totally messed it up. I used one of my new Harbor Freight pipe clamps to hold it in place and somehow I missed the fact that it wasn’t remotely square.



After some deliberation as to how big a deal this was (it would be attached to a wheel, after all), I decided it’d be better just to cut it off and try again. Problem was that I couldn’t get a grinding wheel into the welded joint due to the vertical walls of the U channel. I thought about using a cutting wheel on the walls to give access to the joint, but in the end I decided it’d be easier to use the chop saw on the leg and start over.


The amputation. Used the blue legged table to hold the frame up and let the saw cut through the square tubing at an angle.


Someone should play “Taps.”

Made another wheel mounting bracket.


Cutting some more U channel to make another wheel bracket. Cut the walls….


…Then the back.


Using one of the wheels to line up holes for the bolts.


The wire cup brush does a nice job cleaning up the bracket.

Once I had cut, drilled, and cleaned up the bracket, I grabbed a piece of scrap tubing and ground angles in it and the leg. I used some heavy bar magnets to line the two pieces up and then tacked it together.


Used some heavy bar magnets to line up the prosthesis.


Tacking up the leg extension.


Welding the leg extension.

On the last bead of the weld, I decided it’d be a good chance to practice some vertical welding. This did not go well. I’m not sure how I managed it but I blew a big hole in one edge and the wire just started feeding into the hole. It was pretty ugly. Should have gotten a pic but I was too focused fixing it.  I did some grinding, laid the piece flat and put down a big fat bead to fill in the hole. I’m going to have to grab some scraps and practice welding in the vertical and overhead positions before I weld the frame together. Good news is the leg seems to have ended up pretty much straight.


Another ugly attempt at out of position welding.


Cutting the leg back down to size.

Once I cut the leg back to size and welded the new bracket on, I was finally able to test fit the four sides and start to get a sense of the scale of the monster I’m creating. Can’t wait to clamp it together and start tacking it up!


Finally able to test fit the four sides of the base.


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